Lots of times you see a police SWAT team or canine searching for drugs on the news.

Well, some Marshall County, Alabama citizens were in the line of action in the front seat.

It’s called the Citizens Police Academy. They’re just regular people. But on Wednesday, they were getting the ins and outs of police work from the those who put their life on the line everyday to protect us.

These people with the citizens police academy are getting a front row seat watching an Arab SWAT team in action.

“Chicago or New York or California. You don’t think about that in Marshall County so it’s an amazing asset. We’re lucky to have a resource like that in our county,” said Citizens Police Academy candidate John Federico.

But for these SWAT team members, it’s what they train for everyday. To be ready if the time ever comes.

“God forbid you have an active shooter. school systems, workplace. Do you want to wait thirty to forty-five minutes for someone else’s team to get there?” said Arab Police Lt. Jeff Patterson.

Dealing with SWAT team situations, Patterson says there’s always a sniper watching their backs. “They can fire to protect their life, someone else’s life, or if they see one of us in danger,” said Lt. Patterson.

Guntersville canine handler Ryan Bradford demonstrated the importance of his best friend and partner, Blitz.

“To actually show them how the dog works as far as narcotics detection and also for protection of the handler,” said Lt. Patterson.

It’s a close up reminder of police work and what they do to serve and protect. “We kind of take them for granted they’re out there doing it everyday and we forget about that sometimes,” said Federico.

Source: Stephen McLamb for WAFF.

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Lots of times you see a police SWAT team or canine searching for drugs…