AVT Simulation Apache Gaming Peripheral
Founder and CEO of AVT Simulation Robert Abascal (Left) with Director of Simulation at Ft. Rucker, Colonel Steve Seitz.
(Photo by AVT Simulation)

The following is a release from AVT Simulation

Orlando based modeling and simulation company, AVT Simulation, delivered seven Apache Gaming Peripherals to the Directorate of Simulation in Fort Rucker, Ala., for use in their new Air Cavalry Leaders Course.

AVT Simulation’s newest training solution, the Apache Gaming Peripheral (AGP), is a cutting edge replacement for the common gaming controllers used to simulate the front seat of the AH-64 Apache helicopter.

The AGP features realistic grips and switches that integrate with the Army’s gaming system of record the Virtual Battle Space (VBS3). The plug and play technology of the AGP via a simple Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection enables aviators to train virtually while reducing negative training as all of the applicable controls and switches commonly found in the aircraft are fully functional on the AGP.

Colonel Steve Seitz, Director of Simulation, received the delivery from AVT Simulation Founder and CEO, Robert Abascal and Vice President of Business Development, Colonel (Retired) Kevin Vizzarri. The AGP units will be utilized for Fort Rucker’s newest Air Calvary Leaders course.

“It is my honor and privilege to deliver these AGPs to Ft. Rucker and to be part of, even if it is a small way, the training and betterment of the best Aviators in the world,” said Mr. Abascal on the solutions delivery.

A former AH-64 battalion commander, AVT’s Kevin Vizzarri, stated, “As the Army moves more towards gaming technology, AVT is thrilled to be part of this new initiative. The Aviators who use these grips will improve and thrive in combat instead of negatively training on a commercial gaming controller you can buy in a store. The AGP will reinforce the proper sequence of button pushes needed to engage the enemy without hesitation.”

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