AgustaWestland wants its AW119 to become the new training helicopter for the U.S. Navy.

The U.S. Navy might be looking at a more cost-effective option for its helicopter training needs.

AgustaWestland is making an effort to have its AW119Kx replace the current fleet of training helicopters used by the U.S. Navy.

The AW119 is currently used by several police departments, including the NYPD.

Robert LaBelle, CEO of AgustaWestland North America, told that the AW119Kx would not need any modifications to enter military service.

The single-engine aircraft, which is a derivative of the twin-engine AW109, features a modern design, redundant systems and is “forgiving to a new student,” LaBelle said. The high-end civilian model costs about $3.5 million, a price that would likely decrease with a bulk buy.

Currently, the U.S. Navy uses the Bell 206 Jet Ranger for training purposes. reported that the Navy is currently studying its training needs to determine whether a switch is necessary.

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