In late 2019, Axon released a new body camera system for officers, dubbed the Axon Body 3. The long-time body camera system provider upped the ante dramatically with the updated version. It improves low-light performance and limiting motion blur. But it’s the addition of an LTE-enabled system and live stream capability that really caught our eye.

Axon Body 3

With real-time streaming capability, the Axon 3 becomes a communication device, rather than merely a recorder of history. It ties into Axon Evidence and Axon Records, which helps departments track and administer footage and images and more per their needs. Aside from admin advantages, the Axon Body 3 also configures to meet specific needs, with live streaming footage now part of the tools available to departments.

“Axon Standards has made a huge difference in the amount of time my staff spends creating reports,” says Cincinnati PD Police Chief Eliot Isaac. Cincinnati PD recently purchased the system. “We are seeing exceptional benefits with how body camera footage can be directly embedded in our use-of-force, officer accident, citizen complaint and other internal reports. We’re excited to begin the transition to Axon Body 3 as we are not only able to capture clearer evidence than ever before, but we are also ensuring the safety of our staff with real-time notifications and alerts.”

The LTE-enabled system expands officer safety, providing critical evidence previews, prioritized wireless upload capabilities and more, according to Axon. The camera helps officers capture the truth, act on real-time awareness and take back time. The camera also includes improved low-light image clarity and audio technology over previous models.

The upgraded camera quickly adjusts to changing light conditions. Meanwhile, advanced audio algorithms focus on the most important sounds for evidentiary purposes. The combination provides better video evidence, according to Axon.

Ultimately, the real time technology helps supervisors locate and track officers during pursuits. The system provides game-changing intel to departments, ensuring officers get help when and where they need it most. For more information, visit

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