Google Glass, a wearable headset with an optical head-mounted display, has been attracting alot of attention in the news recently over privacy concerns. BAE Systems, a UK-based defense contractor, has introduced a headset similar to Google Glass, the Q-Warrior, which is designed for military use.

According to SlashGear, the Q-Warrior live streams data to ground soldiers. It provides a 3D display which improves situational awareness by providing visibility to soldiers in areas they can’t see. In addition, it can stream drone video feeds to soldiers on the ground.

As SlashGear points out, the primary issue for these headsets is security. There is a concern that drone feeds may be hacked by enemy combatants, or transmissions to the headsets may be blocked. While there is no timetable for rolling the Q-Warrior out for general use, it will likely be tested by Special Forces, SlashGear said.

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