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“The doctor, pretty much, said that if I wasn’t wearing the ballistic boxers, and groin protector, I would have more than like lost my complete right leg all the way to the hip. And more than likely, my groin area, I would have lost my whole groin area,” Adams said.

Adams joined the Marines to fight for his country and to protect our freedoms. He knew the risks going in and said he was ready to sacrifice his life.

On Feb. 10, Adams nearly did sacrifice his life. The explosion took something else – both legs, a thumb and a pinky finger after he stepped directly on an improvised explosive device.

Adams said he was on a routine patrol, spotted an IED in front of him and went to go mark it. That’s when he put his combat boot down on the one he didn’t see.

“You step, and there was a brief second, a brief millimeter of a second or so. I remember everything, I remember stepping on it, and then I’m staring at the sky,” Adams said. I didn’t feel anything. Because of the trauma I didn’t have any pain. I started doing my body checks, like I’m trained to do, looking at my hands, feeling for my legs. My legs were still there, but they both had to be amputated because of infection.”

Source: Mike Paluska for CBS Atlanta.

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