The Barrett REC7 is headed to U.S. DoD chambered in Hornady 6mm ARC.

The world learned of Hornady’s newest creation Wednesday: The 6mm ARC cartridge. We’ve just learned that not only is Barrett chambering the new 6mm ARC cartridge in its REC7 rifle, but the first production run has already been delivered to the U.S. Department of Defense.

Barrett REC7 6mm ARC

The first run fulfills a contract awarded to Barrett late last year. Now the REC7 rifle pairs with the new 6mm ARC cartridge.

The combination of the proven REC7 DI gas system and the potent 6mm ARC cartridge creates a consistent, accurate cartridge, according to Barrett. It carries 24 round in the magazine. Meanwhile 108-grain ELD Match bullets exit an 18-inch Proof Research barrel at more than 2,630 fps. It also delivers supersonic capabilities past 1,000 yards.

Barrett expects rifles available to U.S. civilians after it completes all deliveries to the U.S. military.

Hornady 6mm ARC

The new 6mm ARC serves as a versatile cartridge for the AR-15 platform. Reportedly delivering less left recoil than larger short-action cartridges, it outperforms traditional 5.56mm. It uses heavy for caliber 6mm bullets for greater accuracy and ballistic performance at extended range.

“The 6mm ARC began with a simple question: What can we do with today’s technology to maximize the performance of the AR-15 platform?” Hornady Ballistician Jayden Quinlan said. “We subsequently modeled and tested a variety of designs in different calibers until we were able to produce the most flexible cartridge possible within the limits of the AR-15 system.”

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