Benchmade Knife Company is actively encouraging California law enforcement to support a proposed amendment to permit the use and carry of automatic knives while on duty. The proposed amendment would also entitle bonafide California dealers to order, procure, purchase and sell such equipment.

The current California Penal Code Section 653k makes it a misdemeanor to sell or possess a switchblade or automatic knife with a blade longer than 2 inches; even if the knife is being used for the benefit of public safety.

Roy Huntington, current editorial director of American Cop Magazine and editor for American Handgunner spent 20 years on the San Diego Police Department and knows the value of a ‘back-up’ emergency knife.

“Seconds count when dealing with a medical or other emergency, a reliable knife that will open automatically at the touch of a finger could, indeed, spell the difference between saving a life — or not. I support legalizing automatic knives for California law enforcement officers and authorized medical and fire personnel,” states Huntington.

Owner and founder of Benchmade Knife Company, Les de Asis sides with Californian public safety officials like Huntington and stands boldly in favor of the proposed amendment. He is urging affected parties to write California legislature and change the current restrictions.

“By sending several hundred letters to key decision makers in California, we may be able to get a bill introduced this legislative year,” states de Asis.

De Asis and Benchmade Knife Company have dedicated a page on their website with detailed instructions and updates on this proposed amendment. The page also includes sample letters to Assemblyman Jose Solorio and Senator Gloria Romero. These two officials serve as chairpersons for public safety committees in the California Legislature.

Extensive details and sample letters can be viewed and downloaded at All letters must be submitted by June 30, 2008.

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