Beretta Holdings recently announced its acquisition of Steiner-Optik GmbH in Bayreuth, Germany through its optics subsidiary, Burris, which is based in Colorado and has been part of the Beretta Group for five years.

Steiner, a world leader in high-end optic devices, notably binoculars, now employs approximately 120 highly skilled optics employees. President and CEO, Carl Steiner, sought a union with a successful international and entrepreneurial group that would guarantee advantages in the international market. Beretta Holdings recognized additional value in the business combination of Steiner with its U.S. subsidiary, Burris Company, of Greeley, CO.

Burris General Manager, Steve Bennetts, said “We welcome the opportunity to work with the excellent Steiner-Optik team. The acquisition integrates perfectly with the quality optics currently produced by Burris and offered worldwide through the global reach of the Beretta family of companies.” Bennetts said both Burris and Steiner have exceptionally strong brand identification, and the combination of product development teams certainly will improve our combined line of optics even more.

Beretta Holdings was a natural partner for Steiner: both are family-held industrial companies with strategic long-term visions of their business. Beretta’s remarkable history dates back nearly 500 years, and unlike today’s finance investors, short-term profits alone do not drive strategic decisions.

Beretta Holdings’ strategy has long been to position itself as global supplier with the ability to satisfy every equipment need of hunters, sporting shooters and law enforcement agencies. Beretta companies offer a vast range of products, with optic devices representing an increasingly important component.

Dott. Pietro Gussalli Beretta from Italy and Mr. Jeff Reh from the U.S. will be the Directors and Officers for the Steiner Company.

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