A strategic partnership for a True Velocity and Beretta NSGW has been announced today
(Photo by Beretta)

The Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) is the Army’s strategic plan to replace the M249, M240, and M4 weapons system with a single platform and cartridge. Now, a strategic Beretta NGSW partnership with True Velocity is helping one of the entries move forward.

Beretta NGSW Partnership Press Release:

True Velocity subsidiary LoneStar Future Weapons is the prime contractor in the team’s bid for the NGSW program, which is designed to replace the U.S. Army’s currently fielded 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge and the M4 carbine and M249 Squad Automatic Weapon that fire it. Beretta USA will assist LSFW and True Velocity with the production, assembly and testing of key components of the RM277 rifle and automatic rifle submitted as part of the team’s bid for NGSW. Both weapons are configured to fire True Velocity’s proprietary 6.8TVCM composite-cased cartridge.

Beretta USA Press Release

This strategic partnership will allow a Beretta NGSW development process. In this role, Beretta USA will drive development of a variant of the RM277 rifle. This variant is targeted for sale to international allies of the US. This development makes sense, given that the US and its NATO and other allies all utilize 5.56 ammunition currently. The development of the new round for the NGSW should drive partner nations to a similar weapons system and the same cartridge.

The LoneStar Future Weapons Beretta NGSW in action

The Beretta NGSW Has Leadership Excited

Francesco Valente, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager of Beretta USA said: “We are very excited to be part of the True Velocity team in bringing such revolutionary technology to market. We have provided the M9 pistol to the DoD for over 35 years and now look forward to putting our US design and manufacturing facility and resources to work on this innovative program to increase our warfighters’ capabilities.”

Additionally, True Velocity Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Kevin Boscamp added this: ““With the addition of Beretta USA as a strategic partner, True Velocity further enhances its ability to deliver true next-generation weapons and ammunition not only to our customers in the U.S. Department of Defense, but also to our international allies and the domestic commercial market. Combining Beretta USA’s rich history of delivering high-quality, rugged, reliable weapons with True Velocity’s innovative approach to advanced weapon and ammunition development puts us in an optimal position to lead the global modernization of small arms and ammunition.”

A Semi-Automatic Civilian Version of the Beretta NGSW will be Available

Beretta USA will also drive development on a semi-automatic version of their NGSW entry. This version’s target market is obviously the United States consumer market. Sig has already launched their MCX Spear, a commercial version of their NSGW entry.

A Selection is Coming This Year

The Army has yet to make a selection for the Next Generation Squad Weapon. Although, they did select the NSGW optic recently. The Army plans to announce its selection later this year for the actual platform. The contenders couldn’t be more different. The True Velocity and Beretta NSGW weapon is a bullpup platform. Meanwhile the Sig entry is a more traditional AR style rifle. Although both platforms will fire a new round, the rounds are also quite different. As a result of both companies developing different rounds, the company picked will need to work closely with Lake City.

Regardless of the final pick, this True Velocity and Beretta NSGW strategic partnership positions both brands well. Watch our site for continued updates on the NGSW selection!

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