Image: Bill Uhrich for Reading Eagle.

“If we’re getting called in, it’s because it’s a high-risk situation and they already have a weapon (involved),” said Exeter Township police Detective Doug Keener, a sharpshooter on the tactical unit.

“Because of the area we’re in – it’s a huge hunting area – almost everyone has a rifle,” he noted.

That’s why Keener and other law enforcement officers who serve as members of the Berks County Emergency Response Team were elated by the arrival of the tactical unit’s newest vehicle.

The four-door, armored, all-terrain vehicle was delivered by the manufacturer, Lenco Armored Vehicles, Pittsfield, Mass., earlier this month but hasn’t yet been put to use.

Keener said the vehicle would have been useful in every situation the team has been called to in its three years of existence.

“It’s a huge asset to our team – getting close with more protection,” Keener said.

Source: Steve Henshaw for Reading Eagle.

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