Best Colleges For Vets in 2015 University of Nebraska
Military Times Names Best Colleges For Vets in 2015 (CREDIT: University of Nebraska)

The Military Times has released its list of the “Best College For Vets” in 2015

The lists include:

According to Military Times:

To decide which schools made the list and where they should be ranked, we compared not only schools’ survey responses, but also data compiled by the U.S. Education Department, including academic success measures.

Those Education Department stats can be informative with regards to college students who are coming fresh out of high school, but they tend to leave out vets, service members and other students who took less traditional paths to higher education.

While more schools than ever before are tracking their military students’ academic success rates, most still do not. Only about 45 percent of schools responding to our survey provided any military-specific graduation, retention, persistence or course completion rates. That’s substantially higher than the 11 percent of institutions that tracked similar stats two years ago or the one-third that tracked them last year — yet there is clearly still room for improvement.

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