SureFire has added a new video to its growing “Field Notes” series; this one featuring police officer and former soldier, Bill Blowers.

In the video, Blowers, owner of Tap-Rack Tactical, discusses the advantages of law enforcement using night-vision optics in the field.

According to SureFire:

Bill Blowers has been a police officer for more than 20 years, prior to that he was in the US Army for six years. Blowers is currently a Sergeant for a Municipal Agency in Washington State. He is assigned to his agencies training unit and is also a team leader on a large and active regional SWAT team. He has been assigned to SWAT since 1995 and has held positions such as Sniper, Ballistic Shield Carrier, Entry Team Member, and Assistant Team Leader.

Blowers has planned, or participated in, more than 1,000 missions and has in excess of 5,000 documented training hours. He holds instructor certifications in a variety of topics and is the primary instructor in ALL Tap-Rack courses.

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