When Efraim Diveroli wanted to show off some of his ammunition supply to a potential business partner, he rolled up in a silver Audi convertible with his friend and business associate: Dejan Djuric, the owner of Advanced Munitions.

Diveroli, as we told you earlier, was arrested on Friday and charged with possession of firearms as a convicted felon and with possession of firearms while under indictment for a felony offense. But all signs indicate that there’s a bigger case on the horizon.

The owner of Advanced Munitions, which an ATF agent told the court he believes is a “front company” for Diveroli to do business, is only listed by the initials “D.D.” in the affidavit. But TPMMuckraker’s search of Florida business records indicate the owner is Dejan Djuric, and a separate record indicates he’s about 29.

Advanced Munitions was only established on July 27, according to the Florida Department of State’s Division of Corporations. Djuric is listed at the president, vice president and secretary, but Diveroli’s home address was listed as the mailing address for the business.

Diveroli told an undercover ATF officer supposedly interested in purchasing weapons and ammunition in a phone call in early August that Djuric’s business, Advanced Munitions, bought Diveroli’s, AmmoWorks, a week earlier. Diveroli said it wasn’t beneficial to Advanced Munitions to have his name associated with it, so he would remain on board as a consultant and would get an exclusive consulting contract.

Djuric and Diveroli headed up the Florida Turnpike on Aug. 12 to meet up with associates “Jake” and “Aaron Monahan” and an undercover ATF officer in Brevard County. At around 2:20 p.m., the duo arrived in Jake’s 2005 BMW convertible. Jake’s initials are J.F.S., and he was born in 1986, while Aaron is an employee of Pinnacle Minerals Corporation, which is another Diveroli business in which Djuric is a partner.

Djuric and Diveroli arrived 11 minutes later, and made contact with the BMW, then met up with the undercover ATF officer and a cooperating source to discuss the potential weapons sale.

Source: Ryan J. Reilly for TPM.

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