Binghamton Police Department car
Binghamton, Southern Tier PDs Examining Body Cameras

The New York City Police Department isn’t the only law enforcement agency in the state rolling out a body camera program.

Approximately 200 miles north of the New York City limits, police in the state’s Southern Tier are looking into adding body cameras.

Police in both Johnson City and Endicott are examining costs for the cameras and other potentials issues, according to WBNG 12.

Endicott Police Chief Michael Cox said he is actively looking into body cameras for his officers, but there are still many questions that need to be answered, like: What is the most cost effective way to get the cameras? Where and how will they store the footage?

In the neighboring city of Binghamton, police will be adding cameras sometime in the very near future.

“We will be going to them — without a doubt, without a question — and the sooner the better,” Binghamton Police Chief Joseph Zikuski told WBNG 12. “… We’ve been looking at it for over a year and, in fact, we have one vendor coming next week, the mayor’s going to sit on it. We absolutely are going to be going to them.”

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