Binghamton Police Body Camera

The Binghamton Police Department in upstate New York will join agencies across the country when its every one of its officers is equipped with a body camera this fall.

The search for a body camera provider started in December 2014 when Binghamton Police Chief Joseph Zikuski guaranteed the department would be adding the equipment as soon as possible.

According to WBNG 12:

Binghamton Mayor Rich David (R) sent legislation to Binghamton City council Monday for the purchase of 90 police body cameras, along with new demographic tracking software. One week ago, he signed an executive order that approved the cameras, highlighting these two upgrades.

The city will enter into a five-year contract with the camera company Taser, which is the same manufacturer the Broome County Sheriff’s office uses for its’ cameras.

The legislation submitted would allow a transfer of $116,000 to purchase the cameras. The contract includes unlimited data storage for the footage so all videos taken will be kept on record.

“They protect the officers, they protect the residents and they protect the city of Binghamton as whole,” David told WBNG 12.. ”I think it will be an eye-opening experience for people to see what exactly these officers are confronted with on a daily basis.”

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