Although the Blaser TAC-2 is new to service with U.S. law enforc­ement agencies, it has already built a solid reputation with German SEKs (Spezialeinsatzkommandos). Snipers with these German S.W.A.T.  teams have found the TAC-2 precise and highly ergonomic. Recently, the appreciation of the TAC-2 has begun to grow among U.S. LE agencies with one of its first adop­tions by the New Jersey State Police TEAMS (Tactical, Emergency, and Mission Specialist).

There are three full-time TEAMS within the New Jersey State Police:
North (Troop A based in Passaic Country), Central (Troop B based in Mercer County) and South (Troop C based in Atlantic Country).

The unit was originally created in 1978 and has an array of missions including S.W.A.T., rescues including those requiring advanced rappelling skills, underwater search and recovery and counter-terrorism operations. TEAMS is trained for assaults from helicopter, sea or land. During 2008, TEAMS carried out more than 100 dive missions, 350 high-risk search warrants, and 300 other tactical operations. TEAMS is commanded by a Lieutenant with each regional unit commanded by a Sergeant First Class.

Prior to the adoption of the Blaser TAC-2, the primary issue weapon for the NJ State Police has been the Sig Sauer P228. Members of TEAMS, however, are armed with the .45 ACP Sig Sauer P220 loaded with 230-grain Speer Gold Dot JHP ammo. Their current sniping rifle is the Blaser TAC-2 in .308.

NJ Rhyme & Reason: Optics used are a Leupold MK 4 LR/T 3.5-10x40mm with an illuminated reticle. Standard load is the Federal Match 168-grain BTHP. The rifle was ordered with the bipod and monopod and spare magazines have been ordered for the rifles. I understand that TEAMS has recently ordered rails for the TAC-2 so that night vision optics may be installed ahead of the Leupold scopes.

Various factors influenced TEAMS to choose the Blaser TAC-2. The speed and smoothness of operation of the straight-pull bolt allows snipers to fire quick follow-up shots if needed. The detachable box magazine allows them quickly to switch the bolt for right- or left-handed shooters, so TEAMS can assign snipers regardless of their primary shooting hand.

The ability to adjust the stock of the TAC-2 accommodates snipers of various sizes. All of these factors were important, but perhaps most important is that the TAC-2 proved to superbly accurate. From what my sources tell me, TEAMS snipers are extremely satisfied with the Blaser TAC-2s.

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