Griffin Police Department Sgt. Joe Hudson body camera fire rescue
Griffin Police Department Sgt. Joe Hudson

A 3-year-old boy was rescued from a burning home in Griffin, Ga., earlier this week, with the dramatic scene recorded on a local police officer’s body camera.

According to 11Alive in Atlanta:

Sgt. Joe Hudson of the Griffin Police Department arrived at the scene of the blaze before the fire department and quickly assessed the situation. He spotted a grandmother exiting burning home and learned that her grandson was still in his room. That’s when the 14-year veteran leapt into action – running into a fire for the first time.

After struggling to find the 3-year-old boy, Hudson went into a side bedroom and found the boy on a bed. He quickly picked him up and ran out of the smoke filled house to safety, as both Hudson and the boy caught their breath.

“I did what I get paid to do,” Hudson told 11Alive in Atlanta. “I’m supposed to do what others might not, so that’s what I did. I earned my paycheck.”

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