Boeing AH-6i Light Attack/Recon Helicopter

The production configuration of the AH-6i light attack/reconnaissance helicopter manufactured by Boeing has made its first flight.

According to a press release from the company, Boeing pilots flew the aircraft for less than 20 minutes at a low rate of speed in multiple positions, including forward, rearward and sideward, all of which was done at low elevation.

“This first AH-6 flight in the production configuration takes us closer to delivering an advanced light attack and reconnaissance helicopter that meets the needs of defense forces around the world,” said Boeing AH-6 Program Director Scott Rudy.

Boeing’s AH-6i is a single-turbine helicopter based on the OH-6A Cayuse. As the press release notes, it is another variant of the AH-6M helicopter which is used by U.S. Army Special Operations Forces. In addition, the AH-6i incorporates technologies found in the Boeing AH-64E Apache multirole attack helicopter.

According to the press release, the AH-6i will provide close-air support for land forces. It is capable of destroying tanks, armored vehicles and fortifications.

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