Bombardier Challenger 604 Maritime Surveillance Aircraft (MSA

With customer demonstrations a few week away, Boeing has completed missions systems and sensor installation on the Bombardier Challenger 604 Maritime Surveillance Aircraft (MSA).

The Bombardier Challenger 604 will be displayed at the Farnborough International Airshow (FIAS) in the United Kingdom from July 14 to 20, according to

First revealed during FIAS 2012, the MSA is billed as a ‘light’ version Boeing P-8 Poseidon maritime multi-mission aircraft, in that it utilizes the same mission systems but configured for those operators that do not require a top-end anti-submarine (ASW) or anti-surface warfare (ASuW) capability. While the demonstrator aircraft utilizes the Challenger 604 airframe, the MSA will be built around the Challenger 605.

“The MSA is a low risk, non-developmental program as it shares the P-8’s mission systems,” Bob Schoeffling, senior manager of business development for MSA, told “It is an adjunct to the P-8, in the mid-size market (50,000-pound maximum take-off weight class) with aircraft such as the [Airbus] C295, ATR72, and Dassault Falcon, etc. We feel the MSA is very well positioned [in this market].”

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