The red hot issue of illegal immigration has made its way to the Little Red School House, and now that little school is taking some big steps to protect itself.

“It’s for the kids! Anything that’s for the kids should be no questions asked! No questions asked whatsoever as long as kids are safe. I have five kids in school, and I don’t want nothing to happen to them, you know?!” exclaimed parent Miguel Delara.

Nogales parents’ reacted to news that the Little Red School House has built a seven foot barbed wire fence. Parents tell KGUN9 it’s supposed to keep illegal immigrants and smugglers from coming down the nearby mountain sides and onto school grounds.

“Because you’re so close to border do you feel like you need fence to feel more secure?” we asked students. ‘Yeah!’ ‘Why? ‘Cause people are crossing over with drugs, and we need to be safe because go thru the school,” answered 12-year-old student Gregory Zapata.

“Our kids are always coming home going, ‘Mom they got somebody else! Mom they were chasing somebody!” said parent Irma Carrillo.

But, parents tell us the fence was also put up to keep out those doing the chasing, “It’s not only to keep illegal immigrants out, but it’s also to keep Border Patrol out because CBP was chasing people across the school!” added Carrillo.

Source: Joel Waldman for KGUN.

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The red hot issue of illegal immigration has made its way to the Little…