favre.jpgMadison, North Carolina — Remington Arms Company Inc., America’s oldest gunmaker now in their 192nd year of United States manufacturing, has just announced a multi-year marketing relationship with NFL quarterback Bret Favre. The 2007 season marked Favre’s astounding 17th year as a pro quarterback, and Brett was recently named Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year. Favre’s appeal to America is as much about his profound personal perseverance as it is his ability to put footballs in the hands of receivers, still, Favre makes no secret of the fact that hunting is one of his favorite ways to decompress.

When asked about his idea of the perfect day, Favre said, “If I could squeeze in throwing touchdown passes at a morning practice, lunch with my family and pulling the trigger on a trophy buck at sunset, that would be about as perfect as life can get. And it seems the older I get, the more I treasure the days spent in solitude in the woods. I’ve already hunted about 20 days this season, so this recent agreement with Remington is pretty special to me.”

“Learning that Brett was interested in teaming-up with us provided one of those special moments in our company’s long history when you know you’ve got the perfect person on your side, and subsequently a long-list of reasons to get excited,” said E. Scott Blackwell, President of Global Sales and Marketing for Remington. “When you look for sources of pride in today’s American culture, Brett is one of them, regardless of your favorite team. And the fact that he shares our passion for getting out in Remington Country sitting in a treestand on his days off or waiting for the next wave of ducks to fly in, says all you need to know about our excitement for having him represent our brand,” added Blackwell.

Favre has agreed to represent Remington in national advertising campaigns, retail promotions and special events such as industry trade shows and consumer sweepstakes hunts with his focus being on hunter safety, wildlife conservation and youth programs.

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