British Transport Police Taser Axon Body Camera Minnesota
The Taser Axon Body Camera

The following is a release from Taser International:

Taser International, the global leader in body-worn cameras and evidence management for law enforcement, was selected by the British Transport Police for a body-worn video proof of concept. As part of the evaluation, the British Transport Police will deploy 250 Axon body cameras and 400 Pro licenses as the backend data management system.

The evidence collected from the cameras will be securely stored and managed through the platform. This solution provides a turnkey option for deploying body-worn video, while meeting or exceeding all appropriate UK security standards.

The nine-month proof of concept, which is set to launch in May, will be rolled out across 11 sites including, London, Leicester, Leeds, Glasgow, and Edinburgh.

The British Transport Police has 2,931 officers working across Scotland, Wales and England and are responsible for policing Britain’s railways, which is used by more than six million people every day. They also police the London Underground, Docklands Light Railway, the Midland Metro tram system, Croydon Tramlink, Sunderland Metro, Glasgow Subway and Emirates AirLine.

Taser’s Axon cameras are small, yet highly visible, and can be attached securely to uniforms/shirts, sunglasses, a cap, a shirt collar, or a head mount. They are powered by a pocket size battery pack which ensures recording capability during an entire shift.

When recording, the cameras capture a wide-angle, full-color view of what an officer is facing.  The video automatically uploads via a docking station to, a cloud-based storage and management system, where it can be easily accessed for review.  The video files stored online or on the Axon video camera are secure and include a chain of custody with audit trails. helps police capture, manage, and share their digital evidence without requiring forces to install and manage in-house servers. It enables greater transparency through seamless integration with the industry-leading Axon body-worn video cameras. is the most secure, scalable, and flexible solution for managing all types of digital evidence. The end-to-end solution automates the upload process to ensure security and integrity while keeping officers in the field rather than sitting at computers.

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