Buck Knives recently added renowned survival instructor, Ron Hood, to their Pro Staff and will begin producing Hood’s famous Hoodlum survival knife in 2011. Buck to begin producing famous Hoodlum survival knife as part of the agreement.

Buck’s Pro Staff consists of several well respected outdoorsmen and women throughout the United States. Whether it is in hunting, fishing or survival, these men and women use Buck knives on their excursions to test and publicize Buck product. Valuable feedback from these Pro Staffers enables Buck to continue to bring the most innovative products to market.

Ron Hood is an excellent addition to this team. He is famous for his training techniques, as he has taught courses at UCLA, Cal State Northridge and Antelope Valley College. He has produced and published numerous award winning survival training videos, and has been featured on many TV shows such as Myth Busters and Ultimate Survival. He assisted with the training that goes on behind the Man vs. Wild TV show on Discovery Channel and has taught many military operatives the skills they need to survive in harsh outdoor conditions. Hood also produces his own magazine, Survival Quarterly, that provides up to date information from a variety of well known authors on many survival topics.
Hood cultivated his knowledge and skills from his days in the Military Intelligence Community while in the Army Security Agency. He has spent much time in the wildness on solo trips and has also lived with various native populations around the globe to practice and study skills with them.

“It is quite the honor to be part of the Buck team,” said Hood. “I’ve always been a huge fan of Buck Knives and have carried one for the better part of my life. I bought my first Buck when I returned from Vietnam in 1967. From that point on I’ve always recommended a Buck to my students.”

In 2011 Buck will introduce a slightly modified version of Hood’s famous Hoodlum knife, the Buck/Hood Hoodlum is a large, but lightweight survival knife equipped with many features to assist those living in extreme conditions. “This knife has a waiting list behind it and I’m excited that my favorite knife makers will be producing it to their famous Buck quality standards,” said Hood.

Hood currently resides in North Idaho with his wife and son, so his expertise is readily available for Buck Knives, located in Post Falls, Idaho.

“We are excited to bring Ron Hood on board,” said CJ Buck, President of Buck Knives. “His proficiency in this ever growing field is something we will greatly value in the development of future survival/tactical knives.”
Look for the Buck/Hood Hoodlum knife to be introduced in January 2011.

Source: Buck Knives

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