Bureau of Justice Assistance Toolkit Body Camera Program

For police departments looking to implement a body camera program, the Bureau of Justice Assistance has released its National Body-Worn Camera Toolkit.

The toolkit offers key advice and answers important questions departments will have during the process of starting a body camera program.

Some of the Bureau of Justice Assistance toolkit questions include:

The Bureau of Justice Assistance toolkit reads:

Before launching a program, an agency should develop a comprehensive plan and engage a broad group of criminal justice stakeholders and community members. Working groups composed of these individuals should help develop documented policies and procedures that address the six most common BWC policy areas (video capture, viewing, use, release, storage, and audits/controls). Technical solutions are designed and procured based on an agency’s specific hardware and software requirements that leverage regional data storage opportunities and larger government procurements.

For more information, please visit BJA.gov/bwc.

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