The National Rifle Association of America has recently elected Republican candidate for governor Buz Mills to its Executive Committee. Mills is a lifetime member of the NRA since the 1960’s and has been a member of the NRA’s 76-member Board of Directors since 2009. The Executive Committee is made up of 21 members from the Board of Directors and is responsible for the NRA’s emergent issues arising between the regular sessions of the Board which meets just three times per year.

Despite his board membership and lifetime of service, Mills will not receive the NRA’s endorsement in the Republican Primary for governor. Incumbents who meet the NRA’s criteria on Second Amendment issues are endorsed regardless of who else is in the race and without regard for their positions on other non-Second Amendment issues such as taxes and spending. For example, the NRA has endorsed democrats such as Howard Dean.

As a member of NRA’s Board of Directors, Mr. Mills stands in full support of NRA’s “incumbent-friendly” endorsement policies. “I understand the NRA system,” said Mr. Mills. “And I fully support that system because I know that not only is it the right thing to do, but because I also know that when I become your governor, I will become NRA’s endorsed candidate for re-election based upon my dedication to Second Amendment principles and my understanding of what it takes to defend American freedoms.”

Since 2009, Mills has also served on the Board of Trustees of the NRA Foundation. This Board raises funds for firearms safety education benefiting youths. The Eddie Eagle project is perhaps the best known program funded by the Foundation. The Foundation also sponsors shooter and range development across the country as well as overseeing numerous shooting competitions, many which are right here in Arizona.


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