When it comes to the U.S. military, we simply have the coolest toys. From the Abrams to the Osprey, even down to the TOW Missile Launcher, our gear most likely completely overwhelms what the enemy can muster. Case in point: the recent viral footage of a C-RAM knocking out a Taliban rocket launch.

C-RAM Destroys Taliban Rocket

The video reportedly shows the defense of an American base against incoming Taliban rockets. Uploaded a year ago, according to, the footage shows the C-RAM completely light up the night. From the sound of the cannon, to the imagery of tracer fire lighting up the night sky, the weapon system proves to be one of the U.S. military’s most formidable weapon systems.

The C-RAM is a vicious weapon system. It stands for “Counter-Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar.” Basically, the C-RAM destroys nearly anything you can throw its way. It does so with an M61 Vulcan attached to a swiveling base and a radar system. Used in concert, the C-RAM deploys its fully-automatic 20mm cannon to the hum of beautiful music. The weapon plays its tune to the sound of 4,500 rounds per minute, which is very audible in the video above.

So if you’re a bad guy, like a Taliban fighter, down deep in your cave, you might want to heed this warning. Our toys are simply cooler than your toys. And the C-RAM is just one completely badass weapon system.

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