T-44C Flight Simulators CAE U.S. Navy
CAE Delivers New T-44C Flight Simulators to US Navy (CREDIT: CAE)

CAE USA delivered the first two of six T-44C flight training devices to the United States Navy on Nov. 25.

The new simulators are based on the T-44C, a twin-engine, fixed-wing plane, and “feature a full-fidelity T-44C cockpit representing the latest digital glass cockpit avionics suite being used to upgrade the Navy’s fleet of T-44C aircraft,” according to a release from CAE.

Defense News reported:

At the start of 2014, the Navy chose CAE as its provider of aircrew training services for the T-44C. That agreement was structured as a nine-month base contract worth $3.5 million, followed by a series of one-year contract options that could top $30 million for the company.

Under that contract, CAE provides classroom instruction and simulator training for students at the Navy’s Corpus Christi facilities.

“Simulators are a critical component of our providing the best and fully trained aviators to the fleet in an efficient and cost-effective manner,” Rear Admiral Roy Kelley, Chief of Naval Air Training, said in a statement.

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