California City Tightens Controls on Gun Dealers
California City Tightens Controls on Gun Dealers

The Pleasant Hill (CA) city council approved an ordinance that tightens controls on gun dealers.

Under the new ordinance, gun stores can’t locate within 150 feet of a residence; within 500 feet of a park, another gun dealer, a massage parlor or an adult entertainment venue; or within 1,000 feet of a day care or school.

Store owners and employees must pass a criminal-background check. Dealers must install an alarm system and surveillance cameras; and submit an annual report to the police chief detailing compliance with the regulations.

Existing firearms dealers are exempt from the new location restrictions, but they must submit employees’ background information to the Pleasant Hill police. The sole dealer in the city with a home occupancy permit to sell guns from his residence can continue operating, but no new permits for residential sales will be granted.


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