X Products Can Cannon

The following is a release from X Products:

Much has been discussed in the media as of late regarding the legality of the Can Cannon based on the recent BATF determination letter. These are the facts.

Prior to releasing the Can Cannon for sale, X Products proactively requested a determination from the BATF. X Products proceeded with sale of the cannon only after the BATF had determined that the Can Canon was:

  1. Not a weapon, and;
  2. Not a destructive device.

Due to the popularity of the Can Cannon and the variety of cannon accessories that are due to be released in the near future, X Products requested a second determination from the BATF. X Products wanted to make sure our customers don’t run into any legal issues when attaching the cannon to an AR-15 lower receiver.

A second determination request isn’t standard practice, but with a product such as the Can Cannon, X Products felt it was the responsible thing to do

Based on the second determination from the BATF, X Products has submitted a modified design to the BATF to address any compliance issues.

X Products respects the BATF and we are working with them closely to ensure that cans (and other ridiculous objects of your choosing) may fly freely again in the near future.

For more information on the Can Cannon, please visit Xproducts.com.

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