Sometimes when you just go with the floe, it doesn’t always work out…

Luckily for a group of 20 tourists who were trapped at sea on a drifting ice floe in the Canadian Arctic, all is well after Canadian forces came to the rescue.

Their sheet of ice bumped into another one early Wednesday, the Canadian coast guard said. The second ice floe was touching land.

“They were able to walk from one ice floe to the other to land,” marine coordinator Christian Cafiti said. “Everyone is safe and sound.”

A rescue plane dropped survival kits onto the 3½-square-mile frozen sheet Tuesday, after the expedition alerted authorities to their plight. The kits included satellite phones, inflatable rafts and food rations.

The plane kept an eye on them while they waited for helicopters to arrive.


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Sometimes when you just go with the floe, it doesn't always work out... Luckily…