A Canton police K9 in Ohio bit a man in the arm who refused to cooperate with officers during a routine traffic stop. See for yourself in the body cam footage above.

The Traffic Stop

Local newspaper The Repository reports that Ronald D. Wagner II, 45, was initially pulled over by an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper for not having a front license plate and only having a homemade back license plate. When Wagner refused to provide his name, identification or vehicle registration, the trooper called for backup. Moments later, three Canton Police Department officers arrived.

Police K9 Acts

The video shows the officers repeatedly asking Wagner for his identifying information. He refuses. Instead, he argues that the stop is unlawful. After going back and forth with Wagner, the officers eventually ask him to step out of the vehicle. He again refuses. That’s when the K9 is brought in.

“This is what’s going to happen,” an officer says at 11:20 in the video. “We’re going to break that window. At which time … I’m gonna send this 100-pound Belgian Malinois in there and he’s going to apprehend you. At which time, I’m going to drag him and you out onto the ground.”

After giving Wagner one final chance to come out, the officers break the car windows and release the dog at the 13:26 mark in the video. The dog wastes no time getting to work, immediately chomping on Wagner’s arm and taking him down to the ground outside the car.


Wagner was taken into custody and hospitalized. He’s undergone two arm surgeries but was released Tuesday night. He says he plans on filing a lawsuit over the incident, which is currently being investigated by the Canton Police Department’s internal affairs division.


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