A month ago, we showed you a video of an enterprising YouTuber that calls himself “Blackfish” who created a functional cardboard Glock 19 that fires paper projectiles. Well, our mystery man is back, this time applying his considerable talents toward a cardboard recreation of Mikhail Kalashnikov’s legendary design, the AK47. Check it out above.

We encourage you to click through to Blackfish’s YouTube channel, download the templates, and try to create your own cardboard AK47. But—as was the case with the Glock 19—don’t forget to stock up on a lot of cardboard, super blue, paper, rubber bands and the like, because this is going to require time and patience.

BlackFish’s channel is blowing up, boasting over 16 million views and 100,000 subscribers since launching 11 months ago. He’s already getting a ton of requests for his next cardboard creation, from a pump-action shotgun to a sniper rifle and beyond.

“Your addiction to cardboard is unhealthy,” one YouTube commenter writes on the AK47 video. It’s hard to disagree with that, but then again, we can’t argue with these incredible results.

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