carson wentz hunting
(Photo by Twittter/Carson Wentz)

Injured Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is devoted to his beloved golden retriever Henley, so he naturally decided to pay tribute to the dog on her fifth birthday in a New Year’s Day Twitter message that also happened to highlight his love of hunting. Above the message was a couple of photos, one of which showed Henley sitting in front of a row of dead geese Wentz bagged on a recent hunting trip.

Reaction to the message was largely positive, but one Twitter user warned the message could be construed as offensive.

Wentz was quick to respond.

His response garnered nearly 6,000 retweets and over 34,000 likes.

Wentz is well known for his love of hunting. Last year, the subject came up when he was asked what he likes to do in the offseason during an interview with ThePostGame.

“Hunting is big. I fish a little bit, but I’m more into the hunting world,” Wentz replied. “I fell in love with it when I was in college. It’s a release from football to get away. In college, it’s football all the time. Going forward, it’s going to be football, football, football. Hunting is a good release, good way to get away from the game and just decompress, even it’s just for a couple hours. I’ve always enjoyed it. I’ve got a 3-year-old golden retriever that I’ve raised. She hunts with me too. She loves it. Always makes it more enjoyable.”

When asked how Henley participates in his hunting, Wentz replied, “When we’re bird hunting, so duck and goose hunting and also pheasants, she’ll fetch the birds and swim after the birds in the hunting water. She loves it. When I wake up at 3:30, 4 in the morning, she knows what’s going on. She sees me grab the gun, she’s ready to go, she’s fired up. She might even love it more than I do.”

Wentz has a YouTube channel called Wentz Bros. Outdoors that shows his hunting activities. Here’s the most recent video.

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