Cartersville Police Department FirstVu Body Cameras

Body cameras continue to spread through police departments across the country.

The Georgia-based Cartersville Police Department recently added 40 FirstVu HD body camera systems, according to the The Daily Tribune News.

Cameras will record for one minute prior to the record button being pressed, which ensures an entire incident is captured. A press release from the city said, depending on video quality, the cameras will record between 10 and 54 hours of video and audio.

… The $53,000 setup from Digital Ally was purchased with drug asset forfeiture funds. In the future, however, the department will use allocated monies for expanding storage space.

“The Cartersville Police Department spent a considerable amount of time evaluating similar items on the market, as there are many. We conducted wear tests and assessed the integration of these systems with the systems currently in use. We looked for a product that would fit well into our technological status as well as provide quality video,”Cartersville Chief Tommy Culpepper told The Daily Tribune News.

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