This year at the GLOCK Annual Shoot XVIII and Gunny Challenge VII, held at the South River Gun Club near Conyers, Georgia, not only were records broken with about 1,000 registered shooters in attendance, but participants watched as The Gunny went head-to-head with country legend Travis Tritt in the GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) shootout.


R. Lee Ermey and Travis Tritt hosted the seventh annual Gunny Challenge won by the reigning champion, Butch Barton, who prevailed over dozens of Matchmeisters intent on taking home the coveted trophy. The final match of the day was between The Gunny and the incredibly talented and down-home Travis Tritt, who came in second to the accurate and Marine Corps-trained R. Lee Ermey.


No tears were shed as each shooter seemed to have more fun than the other as plates were hit and targets dropped in the warming Georgia sun. During and after the event, both celebrities spent time with the GLOCK shooters and their families. Each of the well-known stars thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the people who love shooting their GLOCKs in competition and passing on their sport to their kids and grand-kids.


Look for more information and photos of the event in the upcoming GLOCK Annual, and for more information about the GSSF, please visit

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This year at the GLOCK Annual Shoot XVIII and Gunny Challenge VII, held at…