Critics on Both Sides Challenge North Carolina Gun Laws

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Gun laws are a topic of controversy in North Carolina, but the criticism seems to be coming from both sides.

Most states rely solely on the NICS system for background checks at the point of sale, which provides instant up-to-date background information. Critics say North Carolina’s system involving sheriff-issued permits actually takes us a step backward.

“It is archaic. It doesn’t work, it is arbitrary, and we would like to see the law repealed,” said gun rights advocate Paul Valone. “If we repeal the law, then we could rely solely on the National Instant Check System at the point of sale for firearm transfers.”

The problem is this: gun dealers don’t have to do a NICS background check when a buyer presents a pistol permit or concealed carry permit, because the permit means the sheriff already did one.

Those permits are good for five years, so they don’t necessarily provide dealers with current information on the purchaser’s criminal or mental health history.


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