Proposed changes to the city of Bowling Green’s firearms ordinance led to the revelation that the Bowling Green Police Department has technically been breaking the law by training with firearms within the city limits.

BGPD Chief Doug Hawkins acknowledged the practice “is technically in violation of the ‘letter of the law’ of the ordinance” in a letter to City Manager Kevin DeFebbo and City Attorney Gene Harmon dated Jan. 6 and obtained by the Daily News.

In response, the Bowling Green Board of Commissioners is expected to begin considering Tuesday bringing the ordinance up to date by making it so such training exercises are legal, among other changes.

Hawkins told the Daily News in a statement the BGPD has used the Advanced Tactical Training Center and firing range for more than 25 years.

“Ongoing law enforcement training has been held at this location during this time with the knowledge of elected officials, city officials and citizens,” Hawkins said.

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