Charles Greer shot a perfect 1,000-yard Benchrest match.

Well you know the old saying, records are made to be broken. Berger Bullets just announced Charles Greer as the latest world record holder in shooting. Not messing around, Greer set two new marks for 1,000-yard benchrest shooting, for both score and group size.

Berger Bullets’ Record-Setting Charles Greer Shoots Perfect Match

Greer set the records back in February during the Saguaro 1,000 Yard Benchrest Match at Tucson Rifle Club in Three Points, Arizona. The 1,000-yard match, sanctioned by the National Benchrest Shooters Association (NBRSA) provided the backdrop. Officials thoroughly measured and scrutinized each record, according to Berger Bullets. Now NBRSA’s governing body officially recognizes and approves Greer’s historic marks for the record books.

Congratulations to long range shooter Charles Greer! Charles established two new World Records at 1,000 yards using Berger Long Range Hybrid Target (LRHT) bullets.

Greer got the job done using Berger Long Range Hybrid Target (LRHT) bullets. The first record came on Greer’s 1,000-Yard Heavy Gun 10-Shot Group. He shot a 10-shot group measuring an astonishing 2.6566 inches. The group eclipsed the old record of 3.650 inches, set by Tim Height in 2019. The second record came for Greer’s 1,000-Yard Heavy Gun 10 Shot Score. He shot a perfect 100-10X. The mark bested Bill Schrader’s score of 100-6X, set in 2005.

Charles Greer set a record with a 2.6566-inch 1,000-yard group.

“I’ve used Berger Bullets in my 30 caliber target rifles exclusively and very successfully since 2008,” Greer said. “I set four other 1,000-yard world records, two of which are still standing, shooting Berger .30-caliber 210-Grain VLD Target bullets. Currently, I use only the 220 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target bullets. It’s a bullet without a ballistic equal in its weight class. Berger’s are the best!”

2021 continues its record-setting ways. Robert Brantley made a 2.4-mile shot in May. Then last month, a pair of brothers hit clay pigeons out to 180 yards. Now Berger Bullets gets into the mix with a perfect match score. For even more info, please visit

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