Taser Axon Flex Body Camera Akron Police Charlotte
Taser Axon Flex Body Camera

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department will see an addition of $7 million worth of body cameras thanks to a recent vote by the Charlotte City Council.

According to the Charlotte Observer:

The city will buy the 1,400 cameras from Taser International, which makes the department’s electric stun guns. Training and deployment will take six to nine months.

Taser International recently announced that it would be delivering its body cameras to both the Los Angeles and Cleveland Police Departments in 2015.

… CMPD officers will start recording when they anticipate interacting with a member of the public. Officers will record all traffic stops; any instances when an officer stops and frisks someone; uses of force and searches of property or people.

In some instances, the cameras will start recording automatically, such as when officers activate the blue lights on their patrol cars. They also will begin recording when an officer activates a Taser.

To read more about the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s body camera addition, please visit CharlotteObserver.com.

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