An armed suspect ignored commands then pulled his gun, prompting Cincinnati Police to take him down. Recently released officer body cam footage shows the suspect attempted to point that gun at an officer.

The incident unfolded after an undercover officer, on patrol, observed the suspect, 20-year-old Vernell Jackson. The officer saw Jackson remove a handgun from his pocket and transfer it into his waistband, according to The undercover officer then called in a uniformed officer, part of the local gang enforcement unit.

Cincinnati Police Officer Pulls

Footage shows the uniformed officer, Officer Mark Schildmeyer, give at least three commands to the suspect to show his hands. That’s when footage shows the suspect take his left hand from behind his back, pulling and pointing a gun toward Schildmeyer. That’s when the officer fired one shot, hitting Jackson in the torso.

Schildmeyer then called for firefighters and EMTS while continuing to apply pressure to the wound. Authorities then transported Jackson to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center where he underwent surgery and remains stable.

The suspect is alive because of the “extreme efforts that Officer Shildmeyer took to save Mr. Jackson’s life,” said Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac, reported “His efforts were simply tremendous.”

Police recovered a Hi-Point semi-auto pistol in .380 ACP at the scene. The suspect now faces charges of aggravated menacing and carrying a concealed weapon. The suspect did not have a CCW, and police say the gun was purchased legally. Further, the police know who actually first purchased the weapon as well, according to

While Democratic leaders continue to push for increased background checks, this shooting provides another clear example of how those restrictions do little to curb violence. In this instance, whether a stolen a gun, straw man or second-purchase, background checks likely wouldn’t have stopped the suspect from obtaining a gun.

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