SIG SAUE has been selected by the Cincinnati Police Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team to provide SIG516® CQB rifles.

The selection of the 10″ short-barreled rifles provides a ballistic upgrade over the team’s previously issued 9mm submachine gun. Chambered in 5.56mm, these semi-automatic rifles deliver more energy and allow officers to deliver precise shots at longer range.

“Cincinnati SWAT officers never know what their next call out may be, from barricaded suspects to hostage standoffs to close-quarter entries,” said Tom Jankiewicz, SIG SAUER Director of Law Enforcement, Military and Government Sales. “With the selection of the SIG516 CQB, these officers are prepared for any action at any range.”

The SIG516 platform utilizes a short-stroke gas pushrod system that significantly reduces heat and carbon fouling in the chamber. The adjustable gas system can be tuned to work in extremely adverse conditions as well as with sound suppressors.

In addition…

SIG SAUER has been selected by the Delaware State Police Special Operations Response Team (SORT) to provide SIG516® rifles.

Approximately 40 SORT members are available to respond to hostage incidents, armed barricade situations, high-risk warrant service, dignitary protection and overall crisis situations throughout the state.

“With the wide selection of AR-platform rifles on the market, we feel the SIG516 stands out for its superior design and operating system,” said Tom Jankiewicz, Director of Operations, Law Enforcement, Government and Military Sales. “We’re honored the Delaware State Police SORT felt the same way.”

The 5.56mm SIG516 rifle was chosen after an evaluation of accuracy, reliability and durability. The short-stroke gas piston system of the SIG516 reduces carbon and heat buildup, which leads to enhanced function. Delaware State Troopers currently carry SIG SAUER Model P229 pistols in .357SIG as their approved duty sidearm. Troopers in the First State were the first to adopt the .357SIG for duty use.

Source: Sig Sauer

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