Clark Kennedy Woody's individual
Clark Kennedy (right) with Jon Lester of Team Bushnell after his win at the First Annual Woody's Individual Precision Match.

A total of 76 competitors took part in the first annual Woody’s Individual Precision Match, but it was Team Bushnell Tactical shooter Clark Kennedy who took home first place.

The first annual match took place on June 14 at Woody’s Rifle and Hunting Club near Apex, N.C.

Kennedy shot the match with his JP Rifles LRP-07 (Long Range Precision) .308 equipped with the Bushnell Elite Tactical 3.5-21x 50mm HDMR, featuring the Horus TReMoR 2 reticle. With his combination, Kennedy was able to consistently connect with targets from 200 to 800 meters spread across the gentle rolling hills of North Carolina.

“It’s good to have great shooting equipment and supportive sponsors so all I have to do is call the wind and pull the trigger,” Kennedy said after the win.

The challenging day-long course of fire included shooting eggs at 200 meters, a cold-bore MOA challenge at 300 yards and challenging shooting locations such as a boat, house and rooftop.

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