The Clenzoil Veterans Day promotion sends free gear to vets and active duty.

With Veterans Day upon us, Clenzoil announced a really exceptional promotion aimed at getting solid gear in the hands of our Vets. The Clenzoil Buy One, Gift One Veteran’s Day promotion gifts a free product to U.S. military veterans.

Clenzoil Veterans Day Promotion

Veterans founded and own Clenzoil. So it only makes sense the company leaders would want to take care of their own. After all, that’s what we do. So through Veterans Day, for every purchase made at, the company will ship an identical order to a veteran or active duty service member.

Better still, the customer decides which veteran or active duty service member receives the free products. After placing an order, customers receive an email. They can then designate a veteran for their product of choice. If the customer doesn’t have a vet in mind, Clenzoil will line one up for them.

And like everything veterans stand for, this promotion runs on pure valor. Clenzoil won’t do some Facebookian fact check on your veteran designation. So remember your esprit de corps, uphold our veterans’ honor codes, and go out there and purchase yourself some great gear. And then send that same product to the vet or active duty personnel of your choice.

Imagine some soldier or Marine getting a piece of gear they don’t have, a piece of gear they desperately need. So share your 2A and give a little back to the community that ensures our freedom.

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