WASHINGTON– Coalition forces killed six militants and detained eight others in operations in Afghanistan’s Regional Command – East over the past two days.

U.S. forces launched multiple operations to disrupt terrorist networks and deny them sanctuary.

In Andar District, coalition forces targeted a Taliban commander who funded, coordinated and directed roadside bomb attacks against civilians, Afghan and coalition forces. Officials believe the man facilitates the flow of foreign fighters into the Khowst region of Afghanistan. The force detained one suspected militant during the operation.

Coalition forces also targeted a Hakkani sub-commander responsible for planning and conducting roadside bomb attacks. As coalition forces entered the targeted compound, many militants fired on the troops. Coalition forces returned fire, killing one.

The other militants ran out of the compound and began firing on the force, again. The troops engaged them with small-arms fire, killing two. A third militant was killed after engaging coalition forces from a firing position in an open field. Two civilians injured during the battle received treatment by coalition forces.

A search of the buildings revealed a number of AK-47 assault rifles, other automatic weapons, dynamite, hand grenades and military style clothing. The items were destroyed to prevent future use. Seven suspected militants were detained during the operation.

In Ghazni province, coalition forces killed two militants while targeting a Taliban commander known to facilitate the movement of foreign fighters into Afghanistan. A search yielded multiple grenades, blasting caps, rocket-propelled grenades and military style clothing.

In Konar province, coalition forces came under heavy fire while searching a compound. Coalition forces called for close air support and returned fire killing two of the militants.

Initial reports show no civilian or coalition casualties.

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