Cold Case Playing Cards
Cold Case Playing Cards Look to Solve Homicide Cases

Can playing cards help solve homicide cases that are years old? Hope Dudley thinks so.

Dudley heads the UCanSpeakForMe support group based out of Ohio. The group has teamed up with the Cincinnati Police Department to create new Cold Case Playing Cards that detail unsolved homicides in the area.

Currently, the Cold Case Playing Cards are being placed in Cincinnati and Hamilton County jails and lock-up facilities for inmates who might have information on the crimes, but Dudley hopes to get the cards out to the public.

Dudley discussed her idea at the Cincinnati City Council’s Law Committee Monday night where “law committee members pledged to help Dudley find the money to grow her project,” according to

Councilman Charlie Winburn immediately pledged to buy 150 decks. He even called Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell during the meeting to see about possibly using forfeiture funds to help put more decks on the street. Blackwell pledged to look at the project.

Dudley is steering clear of any recent cases that may be open for investigation, but she still has a long list of cases dating back to 2000.

Dudley discarded any case in the last two years; not wanting to interfere with on-going investigations, she said. But she also didn’t go back too far — the oldest case a 2000 homicide — thinking those are the years where help was most likely to comes from.

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