Whitechapel Cold Steel Knives

Cold Steel Knives has makes and models for everyone and focuses a lot of its efforts on law enforcement. But the company also takes part in the occasional custom project.

Recently, Cold Steel teamed up with Metal Blade Records to create an incredible custom knife for the metal band Whitechapel.

Why this band in particular? According to Cold Steel, the band members are “huge knife fans.” It also makes almost too much sense with a record label like Metal Blade.

“These custom engraved GI Tantos were made exclusively for Whitechapel to congratulate them on the launch of their new album ‘Mark of the Blade,’ which [dropped] June 24!”

When the band posted a picture of the custom blade on its Facebook page — which has more than 1 million followers — the image immediately went viral with fan after fan asking if the knives would be made available as a collector’s item.

So far, Cold Steel hasn’t said if it will be making any more of the blades.

For more on Cold Steel Knives, check out the company’s Facebook page.

As for Whitechapel, the band’s sixth studio album “Mark of the Blade” is now available.

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