College Station Motorcycle body camera
College Station Bike, Motorcycle Officers Getting Body Cameras

Body cameras are becoming more and more common with police officers around the country, and now officers on bicycles and motorcycles in Texas’ College Station will be equipped.

According to the the Bryan-College Station Eagle:

Brazos County sheriff’s deputies on patrol were already equipped with the recording gear but College Station’s bicycle and motorcycle patrol officers will soon join them thanks to the police department’s purchase of 16 body cameras. The College Station City Council on Monday approved the purchase of the cameras and 11 new Tasers for $39,997.19.

… Their goal is to eventually equip all 63 officers patrolling College Station streets with the cameras to benefit the officers and the public.

“We have our Northgate guys operating on bicycles where they don’t have any camera systems and an environment where they deal with fights and that sort of thing, so we wanted to outfit them with [the cameras] to capture evidence,” Lt. Chris Perkins, a 15-year veteran of the College Station Police Department, told the Bryan-College Station Eagle.

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