Colt 1855 Connecticut Museum
Colt 1855 Connecticut Museum
Colt Donates Commemorative Pistol to Museum of Connecticut History (CREDIT:

Colt’s Manufacturing Company marked the 200th birthday of founder and American industrialist Samuel Colt with the donation of a commemorative pistol to The Museum of Connecticut History at The Connecticut State Library.

The commemorative pistol is a Colt O1991Z model, a direct descendant of the original Colt 1911 model. It is specially engraved to mark the 200th birthday celebration, with designs including the Colt dome, Samuel Colt’s bust and the bicentennial 1814-2014 date.

Colt’s Manufacturing Company symbolically donated serial number 200 to the library’s museum on July 19 at the Colt 200th festival in Hartford.

“This is an historic occasion not only for our company, but for the entire firearms industry and manufacturing and industrialization in America,” said Joyce Rubino, Vice President of Marketing at Colt’s Manufacturing Company, in a release. “An inventor and industrialist, Sam Colt’s patented revolving cylinder design was a crucial part of America’s industrialization and evolution of the assembly line, and his legacy has been a part of our country’s history ever since.”

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The Museum of Connecticut History at Connecticut State Library houses one of the finest collections of early Colt prototypes, factory models and experimental firearms in the world. In 1957, the Colt Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company Factory Collection was donated to the library’s Museum of Connecticut History.

The pistol donation at the birthday festival in Hartford was part of an entire year’s worth of Colt’s Manufacturing Company’s birthday commemorations for its well-known founder.

The company has also been celebrating with fans on Facebook with giveaways throughout the month of July. This will culminate with one winner being selected from thousands of Facebook entries to win a Colt Single Action Army Revolver. There is still time to enter the contest by visiting Colt’s Facebook page at

Colt’s Manufacturing Company plans to continue commemorating its founder’s bicentennial birthday with more special announcements and promotions to come in 2014.

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