Two Columbus Police Officers successfully diffused a tense apparent suicide by cop incident recently. Moreover, the officer body cam footage shows the suspect escalate his actions, while the primary officer remains remarkably poised. Further, a second responding officer ultimately deploys a Taser to end the standoff for good.

Columbus Police Diffuse Suicide By Cop

Footage shows Officer Linda Gutierrez respond to a reported traffic accident, where an unidentified 27-year-old man immediately becomes visibly agitated. Additionally, the man makes several threatening moves toward Guiterrez, shouting he that he won’t calm down. Further, the man inexplicably attempts to snatch a woman’s purse right in front of the officer.

After wildly snatching at the purse, the suspect stumbles and falls to the ground. Meanwhile, Guiterrez draws her weapon and demands the suspect comply, to which he only grows more defiant.

“Columbus Police said the 27-year-old man then berated the officer and threatened “suicide by cop” as he continued to approach Gutierrez. The officer repeatedly yelled no as video showed he tried to get her to shoot him, at one point even yelling “I don’t want to kill you!” reported

Gutierrez repeatedly shouts at the man to calm down, all the while continuing to create space so she didn’t have to shoot the man. Finally, fellow officer Wendell Tolber arrived on scene and deployed his Taser, taking down the suspect for good.

“What was originally a call to Columbus Police last week responding to an accident without injuries turned into, what many would consider, a nightmare situation for an officer. What was thought to be an accident victim turned into a suspect & someone suicidal. Spit second decisions, keeping calm & in control.Officer Linda Gutierrez was and is a “superstar,” as her supervisors and peers agree, for her amazing restraint and professionalism. Officer Wendell Tolber steps in calm & cool,” said a Columbus Police post on Facebook.

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